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14 Things Husband Want Wife To Know

In any relationship everything about your partner is known, their favorite food, outfits and even color which they like the most. The Understanding always plays a vital role whenever it comes to a relation. The bond that they both are sharing is worthy for both if they have a mutual understanding regarding each other. This helps the couple to make the bond strong and last longer. But there are a lot of guys which do not open up their inner feelings, there must be some of the things which they have expected from their girl, that they won’t tell you. You need not take stress; we are with the list of such things which will tell you about such things. Just check them out.

1. They Want Respect With No Ego
This is the one thing which every boy in a relationship wants his girl to know. There is no bond between you and him if you are thinking shallow and negative for your boyfriend. For your relationship to be strong you should be able to vanish all your ego rather you both should have some mutual understanding so that you can overcome the misunderstanding that you are facing in your relationship.

2. Real Intimacy
Well, this is expected by your guy from you he will never tell you about this but this truly matters to him for making the relationship stronger. It gives immense happiness to them that they are with you, this intimacy Is required in every relationship which symbolizes the connection between you two.

3. Stability Without Tantrums
In a bond where you love to share all your emotions with your partner, you should balance their emotions as well. There are certain situations when your man feels low then you should be the one to control his feelings and emotions. The guys love the girls with less tantrums because it is easy to handle those girls. Just remember that your guy wants happiness in the relationship and that too with you that is all.

4. Sometime To Be Alone
This is the thing that your boyfriend will never say to you, but that should be understood by you. There should be a closeness between you and him with the sufficient space, this will always lead to the better understandings between you and him. They need some space to be alone, it’s not like that they don’t love to be with you but they have their own life and tie which they want to send just like you don’t want them every time.

5. Less Insecurities
Guys want their girls to be less insecure about them, like if you do then it should be limited to jealousy. They also know that they are committed to you so, if you are more insecure they won’t like it rather they want you to know that no need to worry when any other girl comes close to them.

6. Not To Be Judgmental
They expect you not to be judgmental every time. Sometimes a situation may change and be judgmental of yours can hurt your relationship. The things that your boyfriend likes are different from what you like so, try not to put your opinions on him rather you can give suggestions to him.

7. His Friends, His First Love
You should also agree that your best friends are your first love. He will always expect you to understand the value of his friend in his life. He must have told you about his friend and it feels good when you admire them. So, it is probably the one thing that he must want you to understand.

8. They Need Care
They will not tell you on your face but sometimes your boyfriend also requires pampering. This should be a mutual understanding between you both that if someone feels low the other should be there to hold.

9. Some Romantic Time
From the daily meetings and calls or texting, guys expect some time for getting your attention “that romantic time”, which is required in every relationship.

10. That They Love You
He will make efforts to let you know how much he loves you, so no matter how annoyed you are by him just appreciate the efforts he made to bring the smile on your face.

If you have a boy best friend then definitely you must know the limits when you are with them. Guys usually get possessive when they see you with any other guy and this increases the insecurity. So, they want you to understand the feelings and expect that you won’t hurt him.

Girls get too hyper when they didn’t get a reply from their boyfriend well it is the human nature but at that moment you’re your boyfriend will expect you to be calm rather than getting upset and annoyed.

13. They Also Get Hurt
This is the one thing every girl should keep in mind; it is not always mandatory or it is not written in the rulebook that only girls get hurt, guys too have emotions and they too get hurt. They are not easy to express their feeling and you may also think that they are strong but they too get hurt.

14. They Are Loyal To You

They will express it most of the times and will try to prove it that you are his “one and only” but sometimes they don’t but you should understand that they are only yours and they expect you to feel so.

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