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14 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas

As we all know that every couple has some great expectations and great feelings for their wedding day. Everyone expects that day as a most auspicious day in their whole life. The family members, friends, and relatives pour their love for making that day the most memorable one.
Well there are some more ways for making your wedding day a special one for you as well as your guests. You can add up some fun activities and save it from dipping in emotional pool and sentimental feelings.

1. Make a list of the favorite songs of yours and your spouse-to-be and other relatives. Make them to play at your wedding day, everyone will love that collection of songs. Music helps to make your day best from better, so make your day more special by music.

2. Dance by putting shoes, you may get tired by your high heels. They can hurt your legs if you wear them all day long. Try something different which can make you feel comfortable, put on a pair of sneakers or shoes. Well, that won't be noticed by the guests if you think that will matter, then let them think. Make your moves comfortable by wearing comfortable footwear.

3. You can put some sparklers for your guests; it will give a sparkly effect. Ask your relatives and friends to lit them up for your amazing and memorable entry. Make that moment much more fun rather than making it boring by a serious photo-shoot.

4. Cake should be special for your special day, it is noticed by the guests and its tastes do matter. You can make it more beautiful by adding a fun cake topper. There are many of those toppers available at bakery shop; you can also attach a note with that for making it much more fun.

5. Seating arrangements can be changed for making your day different from others. You can make it round rather than making it one after other. By making it round you will be able to see everyone and will make your guests feel more involved with you. It will help in making good conversation without any interruption.

6. For adding much more fun to your wedding day you can hire a food truck rather than boring catering services. Everyone will enjoy this awesome idea, it is less official and much more fun. You can hire a perfect cooking team for your special day.

7. You can add up a beer bar for your wedding day, with some loud music everybody will love it. It is not mandatory to put every kind of whiskies and expensive wines, just add some of the beers and liquors, and then add up a special cocktail. You can also include some inspirational quote related with every drink for example" YOU CAN DANCE "- VODKA.

8. You can make the desserts as the memorable one, add special toppings and serve your guests with some candies, which will be loved by the children in your wedding day. Put a theme to the desserts and give more choices to your guests for it.

9. It is not necessary to add up a guestbook for the feedbacks. You can collect your blessings in a creative way; make some playing cards as a source to write. Frame the best group photo with your friends and relatives and use that as a guestbook. add fantastic records and make it more fun.

10. Balloons can work to make your wedding day a memorable one. Indicate the importance of your guests by including an epic picture with them. Ask all your guests to hold a heart-shaped balloon for a group photograph, ask them to release and make that moment a great photo opportunity.

11. You can also make changes to your wedding timings, not everybody wants to get married on Saturday morning. Let it be at night, you will be able to enjoy it more at night. You can be drunk at night as well. Does it sound humorous? Well, not sure that this will make it special but lanterns and lightings will surely make that night a most beautiful one.

12. Bouncy castles is loved by everyone, kids love that and the kid within us also. If you have an outdoor wedding then it is the best idea for making your wedding day much more joyous. Go on with your guests and friends bounce in it and there is no doubt, it will provide you some memorable pictures of your wedding day.

13. Fun activities add up some of the unforgettable moments in your life. Musical chairs is never a bad idea for some fun, it will make your guests more comfortable and you will feel good (less sentimental if you are feeling so). It can make everyone to know each other well, it is somehow important also to get everyone together for a casual evening. Catch up some time for your friends and make them feel special for making your day special.

13. You can place the thank you chits in everyone's dinner table or the simple notes, conveying your gratitude towards their presence. It is not important to write it in an official way just make it way too casual. They will love that and it will be surely fun, making moments with dear ones.

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