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13 Ways to Impress A Guy You Really Like

"Where there is a will there is a way" we all are aware of this so, it is applicable in every case. If you really like something it may be a non-loving, it can be a person as well, you make efforts to get it and your hard work helps to get that thing. In the life of every girl there exist, someone to whom she likes and feels attracted towards him, it is human nature that if they are attracted towards anything they will make efforts to get it. So, to all the girls who are making efforts to impress a guy here are some tips you should keep in mind to make him attracted towards you.

1. Be Confident
This is the first thing a girl should always carry with her, though being over can spoil it. Being confident is not only to impress that guy but you should be confident for yourself also. It makes a person strong and attractive, the way you carry yourself, the way you dress you should be confident. This attribute of yours will make others attracted towards you included with that guy.

2. Smile More
Smile makes a person more beautiful, it is the one thing that can flatter anyone. Just smile more when he is around, it not only enhances your personality but it also helps to describe your nature. Your smile can do wonders and that you never know, smiling while talking to him can do even more which will indicate that you are enjoying his company.

3. Don't Give in Easily
If you want to be close with him then you should remember that you don't give in easily. You like that guy but you should never express it thoroughly as it can be a reason for turn off. Even if you like the guy too much then also don't express your mushy thoughts for him. If you tried to please him frequently then he will take it easy and this may result that he will take you for granted. Try to be busy and less available; do not get too much involved when he takes less interest while talking to you.

4. Your Looks
Your looks can do a lot more; it is the first things that guys notice. "I fell for you when I saw you at the very first" remember this pen dialogue they usually apply when they get a girl and to impress them. So, yes looks do matter as a first impression to them. Try to be simply beautiful, makeup can help you in this but you need not to put too much layers on your face and hide your real complexion. Let it be natural, simple Lipper and mascara is enough to get attention.

5. Dress to Impress
You should dress confidently, whatever you are wearing let it be simple and beautiful. We all know that it doesn't matter what we are wearing what matters is how we are wearing it. You should look best in whatever you chose from your closet and awe everyone who looks you. Your dress can be a reason of center of attraction and the guy should feel lucky to talk to you. Your style of wearing outfits will acknowledge about your dressing sense and you should be proud of it. Don't fit in to glamorous dress, wear simple and attractive.

6. Smell Great
Fragrance can lead to attraction; this can help you a bit more to get that guy closer to you.  Get a fabulous and sweet fragrance with you so that it can make them feel great when you are around. When you pass through the guy, your fragrance will indicate your presence in that room. Apply the perfume according to your personality it can be hard or sweet, spray it in your collarbones and wrists you can spray some in your hair as well.

7. Be Humble
Guys get attracted towards the girls who are humble and kind in nature because they are more approachable. They get to know about the nature about the girls who holds this type of nature. Helping others is always a good thing and if you are the one then he will surely take initiative to talk to you. Be warm when you talk to anyone this represents your nature, even if a guy takes initiative to talk to you then respect it but remember to not to tolerate the guy who disrespects you. It is not necessary to be a great conversationalist but it is really important to talk with humbleness.

8. Feel Positive
Spread your positive vibes wherever you go, this nature of yours can attract anyone. Being positive helps to you as well as the people around you will feel great about your presence. Included with that guy the people should feel happy when they talk to you, you should make them talk to you. Let your positivity flow and make that guy talk to you.

9. Don't Miss A Chance to Talk to Him
Whenever he wants to talk to you do not miss any chance to repay him. Maybe he himself want to approach you and may even ask for your help, be available for him but do not involve yourself too much with him because that guy may have some dark side that he may use you. Do not be judgmental at everything that is happening with you just go with the flow.

10. Sense of Humor
Your sense of humor can impress him as well; jolly nature attracts the people more. The happiness that you spread all around can attract him as well. Laugh a little more when you are with him, if you are able to talk to him don't let the conversation boring rather give a good punch for laughing. Ask about his interests and hobbies and get to know him a little more.

11. Get to Know Him
If you are close enough to be able to talk then you should definitely chill out together to know each other. You must have likes that person for some reason so it is better to check if that person is really worthy to get your attention or all your efforts are worthy for it. His behavior, his gestures and his attitude are enough to tell you about what he feels about you. It is better to know him really well before you develop a strong feeling for him.

12. Expose Your Talent
Expose your hidden talent; this will attract him even more, like if you are good at playing guitar then you should definitely show it. He will surely admire your interest and capabilities within you.

13. Show Your Passionate Nature
A girl with passion and ambition attracts the guys more. If you are passionate about something then you should definitely express him and let him know that you make efforts to follow your passion. He will try harder to woo you and he will respect you more.

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