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13 Things to Do in Istanbul Turkey


Exploring Istanbul is more about exploring Islamic laws and rules. The beauty of the place is really admirable, though the days are hotter than the nights you will spend the unforgettable night view as a tourist. The places that I visited were worth experiencing, the world-famous sites of Turkey, those mosques and museums gave me an immense satisfaction. You will everything about this place and even the local markets. So, here are some of the places that you should definitely enjoy if you want to make it worthier.

1. The Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque is a historical mosque situated in Istanbul. The mosque is known as the Blue Mosque because of the blue tiles which are designed in the interiors of the mosque. It is one of the centers of attraction in Istanbul; its beauty is astounding and is a reason for the attraction. The greenery and the blue water around this mosque add beauty to this place. If you want to take the pleasure of its great architecture then you should move towards its entrance from the west side of the mosque. You should visit this place if you are searching for good vibes.

2. Museums Of Art
The museum of Turkish and Islamic arts briefs about the ancient tradition and Islamic foundation. It is housed in the palace of Ibrahim Pasa. There is a collection of more than 40,000 items on the display. There are several rooms which divide the whole palace and each room tells a different story of the Islamic world. It explains the Turkish life from the 8th century till 19th century; you will get to know about the gigantic carpets which are hanging and the nomadic Turkic tent.

3. Archaeology Museum
If you want to know about some of the best and richest collections of classical antiques and tradition then Archaeology museum is the correct place to visit. It consists of the huge ancient collection which also includes Sarcophagus of Alexander and which explains about the great and important phases of his life. The beauty of tiled pavilion and Treaty of Kadesh which is the earliest surviving peace treaty is just mesmerizing.

4. Chora Church & Kariye Museum
You must feel the peace of The Chora Church; it is the church of St. Savior which is located in Chora/Edirnekapi. You will love to see the old walls of the church and it is the most alluring religious site to visit in Istanbul. As you will move through the church you will notice the ceilings and the walls which are bloomed amazingly and those stunning carvings and marvelous patchwork. You will get to know about Lord Christ and the Christian world. In addition, make some time to visit Fifth-century city walls and wooden Ottoman houses.

5. Bebek And Ortakoy
Well, they are lesser known place by the tourists but they are worth visiting. The best thing I loved about this place is the small streets with restaurants and small cafes. These two are the village near Bosphorus where you can see the greenery and shore sites. Local people visit these places on weekends to enjoy the nightlife. You can stroll in the street and can take pleasure of enjoying the view. We were attracted by the Sunday crafts market where all the handmade stuff was for sale.

6. Galata Tower
You will be astounded by seeing the beauty of the place from 60 meters high tower. The Galata tower is one of the most attractive tourist places in Istanbul. We enjoyed the view from the terrace and spent the peaceful evening there. You can stroll in the streets of Galata between the Towers and can have food and famous beverages.

7. Basilica Cistern
It is quite amazing to see the underground beauty in Istanbul; the architecture of the cistern is so fascinating. It was used to fetch water from Bulgaria to Istanbul. The dimmed lights and that classical music add beauty to the place. You will notice the fish swim in those 336 columns and the Medusa head which is upside down.

8. Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace is one of the beautiful places in Istanbul, where you will see four courtyards and greenery. The specialty about this place is its history; it is the place where the generations of sultans had their residence for a half century. The Harem, the Weapons which include the swords and bows made under the ottoman's craftsmanship are the center of attraction for this place.

9. Great Bazaar
Istanbul carries an oldest and largest covered market in the whole world which is known as "Bazaar". There are about 500-year-old shops in the market; while we were walking towards it our guide told us many things about this Bazaar. We were stunned after knowing that this bazaar covers 60 streets and it contains near about more than 5000 shops, 60 restaurants approximately 18 fountains, 12 mosques and a school as well. The bazaar is filled with the different variety of stuff; it is famous for its accessories like carpets, leather, jewelry and other stuff like ceramics. You may forget the entrance of the bazar so be with someone, who can guide you.

10. Bosphorus Cruise
If you want to have the best view of the city then, Bosphorus Cruise is quite a good place for it. The best thing about this place is that you will enjoy the sunset view. There is a lot to explore from the waterway of The European and the Asian shores. The old palaces and the mansion add beauty to this place, you will love the sunset tour of the cruise towards the second suspension bridge and back but the black sea is no less. Overall, these cruises are must to enjoy your Istanbul trip.

11. The Local Market
Even the local market of Istanbul is worth visiting, where you will see ample of vendors and different shops who will serve you the best food. These crowded markets are filled with special dishes and other fresh things. The town markets are known as Pazar, where there are different stallholders and vendors. You can explore some food if you are in these markets.

12. Hagia Sophia
As you go through the museums there is something special about this museum. This was a church which was later turned to the mosque and then declared to the museum it holds a different history. It is among the great architectural achievements. After too much of restoration works, this place is free, which allows you to absorb its glory and magnificence.

13. Nightlife of Istanbul
The nightlife of Istanbul holds the astounding beauty of stars and this city altogether. The lightings and the whole city is just spell bounding. You can enjoy the night of this area by sipping your favorite beverage on the rooftop of a hotel or from a balcony. You can also opt for going to a concert or enjoy the open-air rooftop restaurants. You will surely love the blackness and the twinkling city lights.

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