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13 Things to Do in Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam is the beauty and the blend of the eastern and western culture of Vietnam. It showcases the astounding places which are till now the reason of attraction for the tourist. The historical tradition and art are the main highlights of Vietnam. The food, local markets, and other outdoor adventures make the visit worthier. So, discover more about Vietnam by exploring it more.
Here are some of the best things that you should definitely do if you are exploring Hanoi.

1. Museum of Ethnology
You will love to explore the history of Vietnam; the Museum of Ethnology holds a great and impressive collection of it. You will get to know about the stories and other details of Vietnam's diverse culture and the color of its ethnic communities. You will enjoy the attractive artifacts and artwork which also include metal works, wooden carvings, and the traditional costumes.

2. Water Puppet Performance
Water puppet performance is the most important part of Vietnamese culture. The puppet show is one of the attention gainers; it is considered as the beautiful way to experience the local artistry and is a source of entertainment.  Kids will love to see such a delightful puppet performance which tells a lot about the place, the live band plays the traditional music which adds a good taste to enjoy it more. This puppet show signifies the tradition and culture of Vietnam including the mythology and history of this place.

3. Feel Silk
As you will explore the streets you will get to know about the cloth and type of fabrics used by the localities'. There is a 300 meters long street which is a great source of fashionable silk material and homemade furniture. You will get to know some more about silk and the way of making clothes with silk.

4. The Imperial Citadel
The imperial citadel is one of the greatest places to visit ancient Hanoi; you will grab every detail about the history of Vietnam here. It is one of the astounding UNESCO world heritage sites, which also includes the archaeological sites like flag tower and the great palace of Kinh Thien.  

5. The Temple of Literature
The temple of literature is the beautiful house of prayers; it is a 1,000-year-old landmark in Hanoi. It is considered as the tribute to the nation's scholars, where the literature was taught. You should definitely explore the gardens and pagoda. You will see the series of pillars which makes this place more special, where the name of the former students can be seen.

6. The Hoan Kiem Lake & Ngoc Son
Enjoy the pedestrian path while walking around the lake, trust me it gave me an immense pleasure while I was walking through there. This landmark is nestled on the edge of the old town in Hanoi. The middle of the lake is Ngoc Son Pagoda, which links the bridge. It is the best place to get the view of sunset and sunrise. If you are eager to explore the lake more then, opt for a two-wheeler (bike is best).

7. Fooood
Exploring food is one of the special things to do if you love traveling. The Vietnam surprises with the finger licking local dishes, special dishes are more tantalizing. The Cha ca, Bun Cha, Banh mi are some of the special dishes of this place well, they sound really cool but so similar. It mainly adds a freshwater delight when you eat them such as prawns, crabs, squids. Overall, the food is inexpensive but a worthy treat to your empty belly.

8. Ba Vi National Park
Love the peace of this beautiful landscape of Hanoi, give a rest to your mind by visiting Ba Vi national park. It is located approximately 36 -37 miles away from the Hanoi's City Centre, if you want to stroll this place then you will definitely enjoy the beauty of mountains covered with clouds. Appreciate the beauty of the place by exploring the terrain and the view.

9. Ninh Binh
Fill up the soul with the beauty of nature, Ninh Binh is the other site which showcases the beauty of Hanoi, the overwhelming view of Northern-Vietnam is worth watching. Capture the beauty of this place in your mind; explore the temples, valleys, and caves in the area. Book a hotel near Tam Coc and see the authenticity of night.

10. The Dong Xuan Market
The Dong Xuan Market is the colorful view of the vendors and sellers with all their respective material. It is a four-story building just like a shopping complex which includes clothes shop, homemade material, and other fascinating handicrafts. This market speaks a lot about the ancient tradition of Vietnam and the people living in this place. It is located in the north of the Old quarter; it has everything you want to buy.

11. Bia Hoi Corner
You will get to taste every type of beverages in every local shop, but Bia Hoi Corner is special for its cheapest beer which is so good in taste. You should surely taste it once; this beer contains 4% of beer that should be drunk 24 hours after the production.

12. The Opera House
It was constructed after the Opera house of Paris. It is the most beautiful buildings in the Hanoi which add the beauty to the place. It is located in the French Quarter; this building tells a history of the French elite. This building connects to entertainment and culture of Vietnamese, where most of the cultural fests and music concerts are performed.

13. Special Afternoon at West Lake
Ho Tay, is the special site in Hanoi whose beauty attracts the tourists the most. Ho Tay is the biggest freshwater lake in Hanoi and is marked with some of the best restaurants and bars. You can stroll there to love the sightseeing or cycle to the shores. You can also explore the temples and pagoda near it. It is the best place where you will catch the best view of the glittering skyline at night and the fresh seafood at a restaurant.

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