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13 Best Summer Hair Care Tips

Flaunt your hair this summer, by protecting them from the sun. The harmful rays of the sun can take away the shine of your hair and can turn them brittle. Moreover, the harmful UV rays of the sun directly affect your hair cuticle and damage your scalp. If you want to protect your hair this summer then go for the natural hair care. Chemical treatments may harm your hair more making them rough. Here are some of the essential hair care tips that you should follow this summer.

1. Less Heat
If you do not want to lose the shine of your hair, then do not blow dry them regularly. In summers if you wash your hair it is not important to dry your hair with the help of a blower. Try to wash your hair half an hour earlier to let them dry naturally after some time. You should regain the natural luster of your hair for which it is important to say no to blow dry.

2. Oil Massage
To maintain the good health of your hair, it is recommended to oil your hair twice or thrice a week. Oiling helps to retain the moisture and prevents hair fall. Oils, such as Olive oil and Avocado oil helps to provide essential nutrients to the roots of your hair. Regular Oiling not only helps in making your hair thicker and longer but also help in locking your natural hair color. So, before shampooing your hair pamper them by applying oil.

3. Scarf or Hat
Do not forget to cover up your hair with the help of a thin scarf or a hat. Summer season is too hot to damage your scalp skin; it can rob the natural shine of your hair. Try to cover your hair with the scarf to protect them from any damage. The dust particles and pollution make your hair dry and tangled which does not look good. Always remember to put an umbrella with you while you go out.

4. Drink More Water
Do not forget to drink plenty of water especially in this season. It is recommended to drink 2-3 liters of water which will help to provide a breath to your skin as well as scalp. Water hydrates the skin and scalp, which helps in proper growth of your hair.

5.Say No to Brush
Using a brush for hair is not a good idea; brush can make your hair rougher. They are too harsh to your scalp and hair roots. You can use a wide-tooth comb instead; it will become easy when you untangle your hair. Remember, you should be gentle while you do them. Use a good serum to prevent frizzy hair and your hair lock.

6. Do Not Comb Wet Hair
Try not to touch your hair when they are wet. Wet hair is really very sensitive as your scalp is wet the cuticles become weak. so, as you try to comb your wet hair it can increase the chances of hair fall. you should let them dry before combing it.

7. Conditioning
do not forget to skip the conditioning process, it not only de-frizz your hair but also provide the moisture to our scalp. You can opt for deep conditioning once in a week for better results.

8. Trimming Your Hair
Well, summer season will help you to get a new hairstyle, cut them short which would be more comfortable. If you do not like to cut your hair short then trim your tresses to remove split ends. Split ends can make your hair brittle and rough, stopping your hair growth. Split ends forming is higher in summer, so if you want to make your hair healthier then trim them regularly to avoid the presence of split ends.

9. Less Washes
Avoid washing your hair too frequently during this season; it takes off the essential oils required by your hair to grow. The oil which comes in hair is the natural oil which is important for the scalp. Being a humid and sweaty season, you may wash your hair too often. But you should keep in mind that lots of hair wash in a week can increase the hair breakage. Use gentle nourishing shampoo for washing your hair.

10. Comfortable Hairstyle
As we know your long hair can make you tie them up tightly, but that can be the reason of your hair fall. The sweating on your head can increase the damage of your hair. So, if you prefer a loose and comfortable hairstyle then it is much better for health of your hair, as it prevents the accumulation of the sweat. Try a thick ruffle rather than a thin one and try to avoid wearing hair clips.

11. Stress Less
Due to this hot season you can become a little stressed up. The sweat, the humidity, the dryness can make you feel dull. As per the research it is found that stress causes hair loss so, stay calm and chill out by taking fluids time to time and prevent hair loss.

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