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12 Ways to Get A Guy to Like You

1. Be Confident
You should be confident in everything you do, whether you walk or what you wear. You should be able to express that how awesome you are. Remember to be confident not “overconfident”, which points to the negative attitude. You do not have to be loud or egoistic to be confident, it just means that you should be comfortable with the things you do. Guys like the girls who are confident and interesting, who live their own life in their own way.

2. Hanging Out
If you have made that greater bond, you should go ahead by asking for hang out. You can invite him for chilling out, it will show your interest in him, without making it awkward. You can go for shopping or for a coffee or it could be a simple place. This will also help you to clear out if he is interested in you or not. If he says yes, without thinking then he surely rejoices your company.

3. Count “Same Pinch”
Find out some mutual interests, try to figure out what you two have in common. Sharing the common interest forms a foundation between any relationship. These interests can relate to any of the thing it can be a type of music that you both love to listen or any novel or book. Even you can ask him about his likes and dislikes and taste of other things, focus on how similar you both are.

4. Eye Contact
Eye contact is much important especially when you want a guy to get attracted to you. Make him fall for you just by your eyes, locking your eyes state it clearly that you are interested in that person or that person is interested in you. Even you can make it clear if that person is interested in you or not, their glancing is the proof to it. Well, for sure eye contact can make a guy crazy for you.

5. Smiling
Smile makes a person more beautiful, this is applicable here also. Smiling makes you feel good and positive and you can make positivity flow around you. Smiling helps to make you more confident and joyous, it results in happy atmosphere where everybody will love to come. It will automatically attract people around you which include that guy too. Smiling while seeing someone leave a good print of your jolly nature.

6. Being A Good Friend First
Try to be friend first, it will help you to understand him much closely and he will also get to know you. Be casual and comfortable around him without any awkwardness. This will benefit you but you need to be aware that you should not be friend zoned. Guys like to open up more with the girls, it is good to understand their feelings. Being a good listener will surely help you to get you close to him.

7. Be Yourself
Be what you are especially in front of him, try not to fake out the personality which you are not. Being yourself is the best way to express yourself and it is okay if you have quirks. You should be confident for yourself, for the personality and the attitude you carry with yourself.

8. Look Your Best
Try to look your best without being fake. Looks does not really matters but you should be proper with your looks and attire. This will help you to be more confident and you will feel your best version. Guys get attracted towards your looks and gestures, so you should be aware of yourself that how you are looking. A little make up is more than enough you do not need to add too much on your face. Try to be more glowing and less make up, keep it simple so it looks natural. Dress your clothes in which you feel comfortable, do not dress to lose or do not need to go with body-con dresses, be simply attractive.

9. Good Sense of Humor
Good sense of humor will make everything better. This does not mean that you need to giggle all the time or laughing without any reason like a fool, it will look stupid. Try not to take everything too seriously, always have a counter for a good laugh. If are too straightforward, then it may become intimidating and unapproachable for him.

10. Complement Him
Complementing him something about his hair and other appearance like cute face and dimples is a good idea to get his attention. Guys love compliments and it makes them feel at cloud 9 when they are complemented by a girl. Do not be afraid or hesitate to say something nice to him. Admire him for the things he loves, for his passion and ambitions.

11. No to Boring Conversation
You should know that a boring conversation may lead to a turn off with that guy. Try not to make a conversation boring by being an introvert and quiet. You can ask questions related to anything it can be your interest his favorite place and other life experience. It will show that you are eager to know him more closely.

12. Being Humble
As you become humble, it decreases the chances of being overconfident. Humbleness attracts everyone, it shows your attitude and behavior and your family background. It represents the self-control of a person and helping nature. Guys love to talk to the girls who are humble and if you are, then it is a big opportunity for you.

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