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12 Things You Have to Do 30 Days Before Your Wedding

Wedding day being one of the most important days for a couple requires lots of sweat and hard work. And that hard work results in making that day an auspicious one. The hustling schedule of the wedding can make you forget the small things to be kept in mind. For making the wedding a Grand wedding some preparations are needed to be done a month before so that you do not forget main things a week before the wedding, from the invitation to the flowers and from the decorations to the dinner everything requires ample of time to get fixed and scheduled. Let us see what are the things you should start preparing for your wedding day a few weeks before.

1. Dresses
If you are looking up for a designer dress then you need to buck up to find a professional and trustworthy designer. Although it is really difficult to choose your dress if you are buying but thanks to the online stores which provide such a transparency and gives you the trendy ideas. You are the center of attraction on your wedding day so, it is important to make your dress a special one.

2. Guests To Be Invited
A wedding day is blessed if guests are present to give their blessings to the couple. Before starting the major wedding preparation it is important to look for the guests. The major accommodations are required for the relatives and the guests who are going to attend the wedding. According to the guests and relatives who are invited, preparations are done and this process requires a lot of time so, it is good to start them before.

3. Vendors
You need to communicate with the vendors who play a vital role on your big day. Although a month is enough for getting in touch with them but if you want to make the day an auspicious one you will search for the best ones in your city. You should give them the schedule for your wedding day and related things you want in advance or on that very day. Be prepared with these important things rather than doing it lately.

4. Menu, Print Invitation
Printing of invitations must start if the wedding date is fixed. Make sure that every detail that is going to be printed is accurate. Give it a read, Selecting of the invitation card is another main thing. Invitation card makes an impression on your guests and others who are invited. Well, there are so much DIY for the cards but make sure you have enough time to prepare them and print.

5. Seating Arrangements
As per my experience, it requires much time for arranging the seating chart in accordance with the platform and view of the guests. The seating plans should be comfortable and if the rituals and ceremony is going on then, the guests should be able to see them properly. The seating plan requires more than a week so; you should start preparing for it as soon as you get the list of guests who are attending the wedding.

6. Venue
The venue is the foundation for all the other wedding day preparation and that should be done before. It takes a lot of time to shortlist the venues and if you are planning for a destination wedding then it should be definitely done a month before your wedding day and that requires special arrangements.

7. Photographer
List out the number of shots to be done on your wedding day, the photographer should be hired for a week because of other rituals and customs. Do not forget to choose the experienced photographer by observing the portfolios. I remember at my friend's wedding day his friend was the photographer, who was professionally the one, isn't it sounds so confusing? So, in short, pick up someone to capture every important moment of your life. Pre-wedding photo shoots are in trend right now so they require a special time so it is good if you do it before your wedding week.

8. Catering Services
Check out the best caterers in your city, shortlist the cuisines you want on your wedding day. Some of the seasons give a discount for catering service; grab it if there is any. Let it be budget friendly, as per the margin do not exceed the budget as it may affect your other planned preparation. Better to book the servers before three weeks with the updated information.

9. Your First Dance
Activities like this require some time and if you are making it grand then you should definitely start preparing for this. A week or two is enough for that and if you have hired a choreographer then it is well and good. Prepare well as both of you will love to enjoy that practice those moves together.

10. Decorations
Everyone has some fantasy related to the decorations on their wedding day. The venue is prepared according to the decorators that are hired for that special day or according to the bride and groom. All of the decorations require a lot of time to be planned and execution also and that should be too perfect so that it makes the view awful.

11. Playlist And Dj
"Music is the sweetest escape", this is the best part of a music and every good and bad moment can be spent with some good music. Prepare the best song playlist by making the list of the favorite songs of your guests, family members, and friends. The DJ should be set up before your wedding week because not only your wedding day requires it, you can celebrate the three nights before your wedding day with your family.

12. Marriage License
Last but not least, it should be done before. Some of the states have some fixed time for the marriage license so check the regular details regarding that. Apply for it and grab your marriage license as later on, you will be busy in other preparations.

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