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12 Things to Do in Morocco Marrakech

Morocco is one of the unique places, where the beauty of ancient tradition meets with the satisfaction of the modern world. The astounding beauty of Morocco enhances because of Marrakech. Marrakech is the place which is known for the ancient art. The eye-catching views of Marrakech Madina which is awarded as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1985 add up the beauty to the city. So, this is the place where your eyes will capture the various colors of the spices, the donkey carts and other pleasing important sites. You will definitely enjoy the type of food, sunset and ancient art of this traditional place. So, let us check out the main highlights of the place you will love to explore.

1. The Riads
The Moroccan houses includes Riads, every traditional Moroccan house were built with a large central courtyard that usually belonged to the wealthy Moroccan people. Riads are quite large that some of them resembles palace (but they are not actually palace). The space is large as it can give a night stay to the tourists out there and that is what makes cooler to stay overnight in riads. The Moroccan cities like Marrakech provide many riads to the tourists as the guest house or hotels. Though riads were made for the larger families, there you will get less privacy than other hotels but you will definitely enjoy the experience.

2. Those Tanneries
While you go through the souks in Marrakech you will see the traditional open-air tanneries. It is the walking distance of about 10 minutes while you enter the souks. You will see the ample of workers who are working on the open vats and treating the skins for dyeing them in various colors. You will get to see the various types of leather and animal skin. Well, it can be a big issue if you go through the tanneries as people often get scam, but it is a must go place.

3. The Ben Youssef Madrasa
The Ben Youssef Madrasa is situated near the Ben Youssef Mosque which is the oldest mosque in Marrakech. It is one of the most important sites of Marrakech which add the beauty to that place. The Ben Youssef Madrasa was the Islamic college which was found in 14th century where Islamic scriptures and laws were taught. You will get to see the dormitories and courtyards, which are full of wooden work and carved colorful tile work.

4. Jemmael-Fnaa
Jemmael-Fnaa is the busiest market in whole Africa. It is the central square market place in Marrakech, where you will see the blend of the things of ancient tradition and the touch of modern comfort. The history of this central square market is 1,000 year back but due to the enhancement in tourism this spot include the modern tourism experience. There you will find a large number of coffee shops, vendors, snake charmers and an entrance to the souks. Two of us really enjoyed this visit to market and observed the beauty of henna artists which was truly amazing; it is a nice place to click some photographs as well.

5. Visit to A Palace
There are some other places to be explored; the royal site visiting is must for the tourists. There you will get to know about the history and royalty of the ancient Morocco. The Badi Palace, The Bahia Palace and the Royal Palace are some of the places to visit. According to me, I would recommend to go through the Bahia Palace which is in the better condition than other two. The Badi palace is 16th century old majestic building, which is now ravaged because of this long time but you will be able to see the art and carved work inside that.

6. Gardens
These Gardens were the relief from those busy central Marrakech and souks. This place do not have that much greenery but there are certain places and gardens where you can enjoy being alone. You will love to spend some of the peaceful time in those gardens. I and Riya took the pleasure of the Majorelle Garden which was the home of landscape painter named "Jacques Majorelle" and the name of the place was because of it. This garden is known for the collection of various types of plants from around the world. It is the spot of tourist attraction, while the other gardens such as Koutoubia Garden is full of roses, flowers and palm trees, overall you will enjoy the nature.

7. Sunset, Spa and Hammams
The wonderful time that you will spend in garden will also include the sunset of Morocco. The spell bounding relaxation and the peaceful sunset is like cherry over the cake. The cafes have the rooftop sitting areas where you will enjoy the sunset view, i will recommend to there an hour prior if you want to see the sky before sunset. Enjoy sipping coffee and taking photographs of the beautiful place and event. You can also enjoy the Spas and Hammams which will give you the immense relaxation after your tour.

8. Hot Air Balloon Ride
The hot air balloon ride will give you the best view of Morocco from the top. This ride will provide you the unique view of the whole city with its surroundings such as desert, groves and mountains. These hot air balloon rides depends on the weather of course so it is good if you book them early and you can further reschedule it if you get some weather related problems.

9. Meuseums
If you want to see the handicrafts, Berber culture, Islamic art and photography then you should move to the museums of Marrakech. It is a good place to know about the ancient Marrakech and a place which showcases the artifacts and regional craftsmanship.

10. Beauty of Souks
It was an amazing experience as we moved towards the Souks after our visit to tannery. The souks are the old traditional markets in the central Marrakech where you will see ample of shops and stalls, these shops and vendors are such a great hustle but you will enjoy the busyness of the place. There are some of the exotic sights while you enter the souks. You will find the woodworking, pottery shops, clothing, accessories, leather items and other food products. We were dazed when we saw the alluring hand made products in various shops.

11. Moroccon Food
It is some of our business that food is always on the top of the bucket list before we travel to any of the places. I definitely recommend you to taste the local food especially the sweet mint tea, harira, mechoui, tajines are the highlights of the tastes that you will never forget. It is great if you want to discover the food by your own, you will love the local dish of Marrakech. Every street of the Marrakech will have its own specialty for the dish; their hygiene and the way of serving are the things you should keep in mind.

12. Kasbahs And Tombs
The Kasbah district is one of the special sites which is a historical site. You will find the walled citadel; it is the place where the sultans of Morocco settled their palace and mosque. You will get to know about the tombs as well, the tomb like Saadian tombs is a must visit place. The decorations and other carved walls creativity make it a center of attraction for the tourists. The Kasbah district is much quieter than the central Marrakech. There are a lot of shops and restaurants you will enjoy wandering aimlessly and the vendors are less pushy and markets are less crowded.

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