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11 Ways to Tell If A Guy Likes You

1. His Attention
Check out if that guy is different for you or behave different when you are their especially in the group. When a guy is interested towards you then he may feel protective for you. If the guy starts checking on what your reaction is, while he is flirting with other girls, you can conclude that they are interested in you.

2. His Body Language
Body language can tell a lot about a person like what he is thinking and what he is feeling. His expressions while talking to you can explain more that if he is interested in you or not. If you catch him glancing at you then he is surely attracted by you. His way of standing in front of you and his postures and gestures can be the evidence if he likes you.

3. He Smiles A Lot
Well, it may be weird or you will like it if a guy smiles every time when he sees you. Maybe your smiling back makes his day but according to these passing smiles as a result that guy is really interested in you and you should go ahead and wait for the time to flow.

4. Eye Contact
Eye contact is one of the important thing you should notice in a guy when he is in front of you. Guys find it difficult to look at you directly or may avoid to make direct eye to eye contact with you. So if you catch him looking at you when you glance at him then you can assure that he really likes you. Holding and breaking the eye contact tell more about the guy that if he is really interested in you or not. If he watches you directly with a confidence and breaks the eye contact, then he is probably not the one for you but if he holds that eye contact then he is into you.

5. Listening You Carefully
You can notice it yourself if a guy listens to you carefully especially when you are having gossips with our friends. In a group if he supports your point and stand by that, then it may be possible that he is interested in you. check, if he leans to listen to you when you whispered something that was not audible to him, his body language will define his bond with you and he likes you.

6. If He Teases You Gently
if he teases you gently in a way that you won’t get hurt then that guy may like you. His unintentional teasing you is just an indication to you whether he likes you or no. his special teasing way may differ from the way he does for others.

7. Shows His Interest In Yours
Like if you love reading and listening music and he too gets started for showing his attachment with music then he is showing his interest in yours. Check it out if he really wants to talk to you and head the conversation up without being bored, it signifies his liking towards you.

8. Notice His Friends
Friends are made to be a secret diary of us, so that we can share each and every details or secrets f us in that diary. Boys probably tell their friends about the new things I their life are going on and friends are too good in noticing their changed behavior specially for any girl, so just notice his friends if they tease him by your name or any action of them indicates your importance in his life then you can conclude that he likes you.

9. Nervous at Your Presence
Check if he is nervous when you are around him. His laugh full of nervousness can tell you much about the guy, what he is feeling for you. His unstoppable glances at you is the other indication. Notice if he takes heavy breath if you are around. All these signs will justify if he really like you or not.

10. Treating You Differently
If a guy is making you feel special by his actions that is you are special for him. If he asks you specially for anything you want especially when you are sitting in a group. It is pretty easy to determine whether a guy likes you or not. Pampering you and being possessive for you can be the signs if they really want you and you are really special to them.

11. Noticing About You
If they notice every change in you from your looks to your dress and to the behaviour, then they are surely into you. Sometimes may also give advice and complements for what suits you better and that will solve all your chaos resting in your mind for that guy that if he likes you or not. It will not need any other evidence he will tell you yourself by complimenting “you look much beautiful this way”.

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