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11 Important Tips to Protect Your Hair from The Summer Sun

Summers brings many of the good memories of our vacations and our childhood. With the scorching sun, there come hundreds of problems as well like tanning, dehydration etc. There are certain things you should keep in mind during this season, especially when you go out. Your body requires a special care and your hair as well. There are some natural hair care tips you should keep in mind for this summer. Keep your hair healthy and strong. Protect your hair from heat, Sun, and pollution. Let us check out what are the rules to protect your hair this summer.

1. Washing Your Hair Less Often
Frequent washing of your hair can take away the natural oils of your scalp. These frequent washes get harsh over the skin tissues which stimulates the natural oil production. You can make a homemade shampoo, which is natural rather than opting for chemical product for your hair. You can dab a cotton ball soaked in Witch Hazel in your scalp to remove the excess oil.

2. Cover Your Scalp
It is important to protect your hair from dust and pollution. The dust particles can interact with the hair follicles and block them. Cover up your head with the help of a hat or a scarf, when you move out. This will not only protect your head from harmful UV rays but will also help on retaining the moisture of your scalp. It also gives you tangle free hair and protects the color of your hair.

3. Let Your Hair Loose
Tight hairstyles can be damaging as the hair may get tangled and they tend to pull hair which can tear them. However, a tight braid is ideal for keeping your hair less messy and minimizes the exposure to the sun. You should be comfortable of your hairstyle that you are tying, let it be lose you will be comfortable as well as they will not get rough and tangled.

4. Deep Conditioning
Remember whenever you wash your hair you should always condition your hair. You can use some coconut oil or Shea butter to smoothen your hair, they are the natural conditioners. De-frizz your hair by moisturizing them always after shampooing your hair. The oil will give shine and will protect them from when they are exposed to the sun.

5. Add Some Sunscreen
There are some of the shampoos that contain UV protection, but most of them are a chemical product. Try to be friendly with the natural or herbal shampoos which will provide extra care to your hair. It will protect your scalp from harmful UV rays.

6. Hot Oil Rinse
Coconut oil and olive oil are best for your hair; they not only provide the essential oils to your scalp but also help to make your hair smooth. Avocado oil is good at penetrating the hair shaft if you go for the hot oil massage and shampoo your hair as usual after that condition your hair with them. You will get moisturized hair but not greasy. This is one of the best ways to get long, thick and shiny hair.

7. Wide-Tooth Comb
You should avoid pulling your hair while you run your comb through your tangled hair. It can damage your hair resulting in breakage. Pamper your hair well, use a wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair. Brushes can also pull and tear your hair but you should be gentle with our hair while attempting this process.

8. Do Not Comb Wet Hair
Avoid combing your wet hair, they can get damaged if you do so. If you comb your wet hair, you are pulling them from their roots. The scalp is sensitive when it is wet and your hair too. Let all your hair dry and then try to untangle. You can also use Serum for making your hair frizz free.

9. Avoid Heat
The season already put too much heat to your hair, so avoid the additional heat as much as possible. Do not use blow dryers frequently, try to wash your half an hour earlier so that they get ample of time to get dry. Avoid using styling your hair by curlers or heating iron let them be natural. Protect your hair from these damages in summers.

10. Trimming
Trimming is essential for your hair to go, as the dry tips and split ends can stop the growth of your hair. They neither look good nor healthy.  Summer season is the best to get a new hairstyle, if you do not want to cut them short then opt for the small trim, which will take care of your hair and will help for your hair to grow faster.

11. Hair Care Mask
You can provide your hair a natural treatment rather than use a chemical product. There are certain homemade remedies which will help you to provide healthier and thick hair. Try out Egg and Mayo mask to care for dry and damaged hair or deep condition your hair by oiling them with olive oil and avocado oil. It will help your hair to retain their health and will surely prevent your frizzy hair from breakage.

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