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10 Things Guys Find Unattractive About Women

We all know that men and women both are two faces of the same coin, yet so different. They both have different choices and views towards each other. Women have many choices and they are demanding. Women are choosy as well whether it is a dress or a man. Men too have a list of attributes which they want in a woman, while women put their level best to attract them, but they are unaware that their deeds are sometimes the reasons that affect them negatively.
They start acting in the way which does not drive them crazy rather they hardly notice you after that. Girls spend too much for makeup, hair, dress, and accessories. Sometimes boys do not look your dress and looks, all they see is your inner beauty and your behavior well, girls are gossipy and moody. Boys have nothing to do with your fashion and all, they do not have any knowledge about your accessories, dress, they may find some things unattractive in you. Let us check what are they.

1. Being Gossipy
This is the specialty of being a woman. Gossiping too much can irritate anyone. Speak what matters, that giggling and those chuckles is one of the reason which irritates a guy. Unnecessary talks can make them walk away from you.

2. Being Loud
Girls or women do have the voice difference and what matters the most to the guys is their way of talking, if they are too loud then it may be problematic. Girls should take care that if they have high pitched voice then they should be soft while saying anything. Soft-spoken words are mellifluous.

3. Being A Party Girl
Though girls also love to party, some of them are too crazy for it, they consume alcohol and may get addicted. this can be a reason which they may not like, only if they are not addicted.

4. A Complex Hairstyle
Well, girls need everything to be perfect whether it is makeup, dress or hair. They may do experiments in it and may find them attractive but this does not implement for the boys, your experiments can be the reason which they may find unattractive.

Human nature holds the personality and the attitude of human. It explains everything about the person. Keeping it well is necessary as it defines you. Girls mood swings is the other thing, but the most important is nature which every guy notice. Guys are attracted by the girls who are humble in nature rather than the girls who are always complaining.

6. Too Much Makeup
It is said that your skin is best when you wake up. Girls look flawless without make up, they look their best when their skin looks natural. Sometimes they wear heavy foundation and too much make up that makes a layer on their skin which probably does not look good. Guys sometimes find it unappealing, that too much of lipstick and make up can be a huge turn off for men.

7. Being Negative
Sometimes in everyone’s life there comes a point when they feel everything against them and negative. Well, every girl faces that too but for some it becomes their nature, being negative is itself ridiculous and yes, guys find it unpleasant if a girl holds that nature. Girls attitude in a negative way can reflect their past and that can be the thing they does not want it to be in the girl.

8. Being Immature
Being giggly, portray the image of being immature. if girls think that any act of them like talking like a baby is making them cute when they are thinking wrong. That can be the point of immature act of yours which the guys may do not like. It senses like dependency and may signify lack of self-worth.

9. A Women Without Ambition
We all know that, “intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings”. ambition is very important thing that is must in everyone’s life, but for the girls who do not have something relatable with ambition in their life can be the biggest turn off for a guy. They are attracted towards the passionate nature. Women who are ambitious usually are more interesting. In their point of view, a girl with no ambition can be boring, they find the women with passion more attractive and smart.

10. Bad Hygiene
The girls are hygienic, you should agree with it but exceptions are always there, even if boys do not take care of their hygiene, they want girls to be. Bad hygiene related to bad breath, yellow teeth and hairy skin can be the U-turn for them. They find some of the things which they do not understand, that are really precious to girls like nails which girls love to maintain them and pamper them whereas, boys may find it unattractive and question on their hygiene.

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