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10 Summer Skin Care Tips

The pollution, dust, and humidity snatch the glow of your skin in summers, making your skin dull. It wipes off the natural glow of your skin. The dullness results in the problems like dark spots and tanning. Summer days increases the dehydration of the body resulting in the dry face.
To avoid these problems and to lock the radiance of your face, small things should be kept in mind, let u check out what are they.

1. Sunscreen
Let the sun kiss your face, but you should be prepared for that. Get a sunscreen having higher SPF and UV protection, you can try out SPF 30 and SPF 70. Apply the sunscreen half an hour before you go out, make sure that you are applying the sunscreen to the area which will be exposed. It will not only protect you from harmful UV rays of the sun which can cause skin cancer but will also help you to get less tanned skin.

2. Less Make-Up
During summers try to not to wear full make up, especially when you go out. Natural look is the best in the scorching sun. heavy makeup makes you feel uncomfortable; it can also result in skin pigmentation. Too much foundation and face powder will look patchy and ugly if they get in contact with sweat. Try out lip balm with SPF 15 to make your lips fresher and sun protective. Avoid eye makeup during summers, use herbal eye makeup if you do so.

3. Lotion
Do not forget to put some lotion on your skin after a bath. Choose a light summery lotion for a healthy skin, look for something light and absorbing. Gels are the fast absorbers you can try them out, it is more good if you have fruity lotion. Seal in the moisture of your body as our body require them in summers as well.

4. Exfoliate Your Skin
It is necessary to exfoliate our skin regularly, it helps to remove bleak heads and dead skin cells. Your body sheds some of the skin cells in a higher rate per day. Dead skin cells make your face look dull and dry. No matter how much lotion you use to protect your skin, exfoliation helps to open the pores of the skin which helps our skin to breath. Grab a body scrub with shower gel and while you take shower, gently rub your exfoliator in a circular movement and rinse it properly. For the face you can buy a walnut scrub which is the best choice for your glowing skin.

5. Water
Drink more and more water to make your skin hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you and remember to drink water. Water not only helps to make you feel hydrated but also helps in proper metabolism. It prevents dehydration in summer providing glow to your body. It also helps to wash out the toxins in your body. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day.

6. Befriend with Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is the solution for a lot of skin problems, it is a natural technique to get a glow in your skin. Applying aloe Vera hydrate your skin that too without any side effects. It works as a balm, which cool off your skin. It also protects your skin from dryness and skin burn.so, Aloe Vera gel is best for your summer skin, they are easily available in the market. Regular use of Aloe Vera prevent, wrinkles dark spots and dark circles.

7. Healthy Diet
Healthy diet is always important for your skin as well as for your immune system. A balanced diet with full of nutrients and vitamins is all what a body need. During summers, add up some more veggies to your diet, increase the intake of boiled food. You should have as many fruits in a day, which will give your skin a natural glow. You can also make homemade smoothies and juices, if you do not want to go out and catch up with sun. Make sure that you are not missing out calcium regularly, nuts and dry fruits are other options to provide your skin essential oils and nutrients.

8. Tanner
Using a sunless tanner will give your skin a flawless start too your summer. You will have a healthy glowing skin if you apply the sunless tanner on your face and neck with alternative of your skin moisturizer. Most of the facial tanners build the color gradually, by trying it out with moisturizer you will never get too dark. it will make you feel that you spent a weekend on the beach but will probably make your skin glow.

9. Your Feet Protection
Do not forget your feet for special care, it is a sandal season so you can also go with the shoes as well, but they make your feet sweaty. You can go for the pedicure or you can give a home treatment to it. You can scrub off the dry skin from your feet, to flaunt them in sandals. Keep the feet scrub and file while you take shower. You will find the better results if you do it 2-3 times a week.

10. Treat the Sunspots
When you go out, if you forget to cover up your face, it is very difficult to see the condition of y our face in the mirror after you come home. Your skin may become dull, sun targets some of the skin spots like forehead, upper lip and this can fade away the skin tone. Try out some night cream for the skin protection or you can also opt for some home remedies to protect your skin this summer.

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