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10 Easy Tricks To Get A Guy To Notice You

Girls love to get noticed, their appearance matters them most. They love to maintain themselves tidy and adorable, they love doing it, even more, when they want someone’s attention. If you are not impressive and shy they will think you as a giggly teen with a crush so, it is important to be bold and beautiful all together. There are some tips how you can grab the attention of a guy in a simple way and without looking desperate.

1. Body Language
Your body language is enough to tell about your personality and behaviour. Our bodies speak louder than the words we speak. Let yourself feel comfortable when you are around that guy. If you want to get attention then concentrate on your postures and gestures that will matter the most.

2. First Impression
We all are aware that our first impression is everything. Just remember that your first contact and introduction should be good enough to make them feel attracted towards you.  Though it may not be possible to commit that the first impression is the only impression, it is the truth that your first impression is always memorable.  There is a chance if you highlight your first impression by being good and humble that they will surely notice you and you will be remembered as well.

3. Mutual Thoughts
It is beneficial for you if you both have mutual interest. if you both like the same things, it can be a movie, any web series, music discuss them and conclude to a meaningful conversation. It will tell about their thoughts and their hobbies. You will get to know about their likes and dislikes which will be advantageous to you.

4. Be Positive
Being positive can be one of the best features to catch someone’s attention. You must have heard that “choose to see the world with optimistic eyes then only you will find the beauty of life”, it is well said as positivity is attractive to all of us. Positivity spikes up the positive vibes from you to the people around you, it will help you to connect with the people effortlessly.

5. Dressing Sense
Well, girls carry a good sense of dressing, they know how to look beautiful in a simple attire as well. It is not important what you wear, it is important how you wear it. Your dressing sense tells much about the personality you have and your inner gratitude. Remember the dress you wear the footwear should be sensible and attractive in such a way that it should be bold and not that much heavy.  Make sure the makeup you wear goes simply with your dress. Get noticed, but in a beautiful way.

6. Say Cheers To What You Are
You should appreciate being yourself, it is so important. Remember that you are important to yourself first. It is must be yourself, if someone gets attracted towards you, make sure that they know your flaws also. Your quirks add up the beauty, it is okay if you have so many. Do not be the one who you are not. Do not try to pretend what you are not. Changing yourself for a guy is a bad idea.

7. Be The Best Version Of You
Well, make sure that you are the best of you when he is around you. Do not forget to show your best attributes in front of him. If you are proud of your long hair then let them be open and tickle your face. Show them off your beautiful smile to attract them, we all know that personality holds major of us but there is no harm in presenting the best in you. Grab their attention by showing them your talent like if you are good at painting or you sing really well.

8. Unique Scent
 Another way to get their attention towards you is to wear a beautiful fragrance. Make sure that your perfume is unique, a bit different from others.  He will come to know your presence in the room. A sweet fragrance is enough to turn their head around. It may be possible that they love your fragrance and find some excuses to talk to you.

9. Your Eye Contact
 You will get to know if the guy is attracted towards you or not. If they are attracted then they won’t be able to stop glancing at you. Try to hold his gaze; do not stare back for too long, it will look weird. While you are looking at him make sure that he won’t catch you doing that.

10. Be Confident
Last but not the least, is your confidence. Try to be confident in what you act, what you wear, how you look and the way you speak. Remember not to be overly confident that can be the turn off for them. Men love confident women, let him know that you are special by showing him your self-confidence.

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