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9 Ways to Make His First Father's Day Memorable

It is said, “a baby gives birth to a mother.” In my opinion, on the same lines, the baby also gives birth to a father. The very first Father’s Day is as important as the baby’s birthday, isn’t it? Right, it indeed is! Hence here are some tips for us wives to make our husband’s very first Father’s Day a memorable one. The things that can make the Father’s Day magical are simple things done at the right time, in the right way. 

1.    Make Him Happy With His Favorite Meal

Who does not like to have their dearest meal on the table? Well, your husband isn’t an exception to this. Husbands are generally the sweethearts who care for their wives and are aware of their efforts. (Ever remember your husband last complaining about the food you cooked for all?) Just cook him the dish he loves, without him asking you to. He will be all smiles and sis reaction will not fail to surprise you.

2.    Take Him Out On A Simple One-Day Picnic
You have 2 options to plate the dish after you cook his beloved food. You can either savor the food at home or carry the lunch to someplace as a part of a one-day picnic. It will refresh him and relax as well. The lunch and the picnic spot will smoothly conflate to give a delightful experience all together. Spending the afternoon laying in the shade of a tree, is a tranquil experience.

3.    Go For A Stroll In The Evening To Some Nearby Garden
Perambulate and then sit under a tree and chat. It is one of my favorite ways, which has never failed me, to spend quality time with our beloved ones. You not only spend a good amount of quality time with each other, but also meet people. The fresh air inspirits you and charges you for upcoming few days.

4.    Let Him Sleep In
Every day he wakes up early in the mornings, works for us day in and day out, earns money and rarely complains. That is precisely why he deserves to sleep in! Fulfill his “clinomania” by letting him get out of the bed whenever he feels like. Laze in your bed with him and just relish the moments. You won’t be getting such a convivial chance soon again.

5.    Give Him His Personal Space And Personal Time
Things change at the arrival of an infant in our homes. Even if it is the mother who is seen looking after the baby, the father is occupied in helping the mother look after the baby. Priorities of both, the mother and the father change. The routines are altered and the way things work also undergo a change. This hinders our much appreciated ‘me time’. Giving him his personal space will act as déjà vu, as he will be reliving his past moments.

6.    Shop Some Baby-Daddy T-Shirts For Your Lovely Duo
Aren’t such shirts a great idea for your husband’s very first Father’s Day? Imagine the duo of father and child sporting such t-shirts in public (sounds fun to me). There are shirts available with many ‘quotes’ printed. Choose the one that pleases you the best and surprises your hubby and baby. The best part is that they are easily available in the market and are, in my personal opinion, a great present.

7.    Surprise Him With A Drink-Dine-Dance Date
Two favorite things of most of the people are surprises and dates. How about conflating them without giving you husband any hint about the plan? Go for a movie, have dinner, sip some wine, shake a leg and then get back home late in the night. He will surely be in 7th heaven by the time you both reach back home.

8.    Make Him Feel Valued And Appreciated
Satiate him by not only telling but also showing him how much he means to you; how much you value him and how much is he appreciated by you. He will cherish your words for longer than you think he does.

9.    Thank Him For Everything He Has Done For You
A simple “thank you” works wonders. It conveys a lot more of your feelings and gratitude. Say it the way you like, while in his arms or while having your dinner, it does not matter. All that matters is you thanking him for sticking to you this long and making efforts for you and your baby.
The key to making his first Father’s Day an enthralling experience is focusing on him, giving him his freedom, and yet spending some quality time together. This combination of keys will open the lock to his heart.

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