Sunday, 13 May 2018

8 Wardrobe Essentials For Women

1.     White Shirt

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Ladies, you can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt. You can pair it with blue denims, a skirt short or long. Wear a nice wrist watch along with it. Interview? Wear it under your blazer to get that job!

2.     White Tee

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confused what to wear? Wear a white tee and you have it girl!  It is an absolute must in a wardrobe. You can get different looks by buying different fits. It goes with anything and everything!

3.     Black Skinny Jeans

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Do you want to wear something which will flatter your figure? Say no more. The black skinny jeans is worn by almost all the celebrities and it looks fabulous on women of all age. You can try high waist for the chic look.

4.     Denim Jacket

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Amp up your outfit using a classy, timeless denim jacket. It gives a really cool look and so comfy! You can pair it with a simple tee and skinny jeans. Get in those sneakers and you are good to go!

5.     Formal Suit

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A formal suit is a must have ladies! It makes you look so professional and confident at the same time. Get in that gorgeous suit and rock the business meeting! One tip- make sure it is well fitted.

6.     Nude Brown Handbag'

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An accessory that goes with everything? You heard it, right Girl! Be it office or a casual outing, you can never go wrong with this. Carry this gorgeous handbag and you will never misplace those little important things!

7.     Denim Jeans

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Weekends?! Give yourself a break from those formals, throw a pair of denim and enjoy! Almost every celebrity and fashion bloggers adores them and why not! These are classic!

8.     Cardigan

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Want to look high fashion?! Wear a Cardigan over your simple clothes to add that extra sparkle. These are available in so many varieties and a lot of patterns. These looks flattering on every body type. Current obsession!