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5 Things to Say To Your Husband On Father's Day

Father is a biological male parent of the child. He helps the family financially, emotionally and morally. Some fathers are photographers, singers, story-tellers, cooks, gardeners to the family. They also sing lullabies to their babies, feed them, take their care too. Their contribution to the family is invaluable. They are seldom told about and appreciated for their priceless contribution. However, it is very, very necessary to tell them that you see their efforts and that you are very thankful to him regarding the same. Conveying your gratitude and love is paramount (no matter Father’s Day or not).
Here are a few things that wives can say to their husbands on the upcoming Father’s Day. I have already given it a go, by telling my husband these utterly important things at entirely unexpected times. And believe me, they have worked.
1. So far you have been and will be a great father/dad.
Everything changes when the newborn baby arrives at our home, right from our eating habits to our priorities. Every person in the house turns into a caretaker to the baby, regardless of their original roles in the family. Trying our best to whatever it takes to look after the baby, is what everyone in the house is busy with.
Especially, when it comes to nuclear family, both the parents struggle to manage the ‘mission baby’. Though unnoticeable, the couple is taking more or less equal efforts to make the mission a success. Hence, it is essential to let your husband know how much his contribution in your child’s life matters, to not only the baby but also the wife. It encourages the husband to keep on doing his job with enthusiasm. He works even harder for the baby. (Isn’t it just the sweetest thing ever?)
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2. Thank you for being the way you are.
Remember why you ever decided to spend your entire life him and not anyone else. Remind him the same thing after some intervals so that even he gets chance to cherish what both of you have treasured for so long. Tell him that you love him for his kindness, considerateness, and love. Basically, tell him how much you love him FOR WHO HE IS TO YOU. This explicitly shows him the unconditional acceptance and love you have towards him. Neither ‘ifs’, nor ‘buts’.

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Things to Say
3. I am glad I have YOU with me on this journey.
Again, go down your memory lane, and look back on the things that define him perfectly, be it his sense of humor, his photography, his funny way of singing songs for you and only you or even his culinary skills. Are these some of the things that make him stand out of the crowd for you? Are these the very things you fell for?
If the answers to these and similar questions put a smile on your pretty face then you must tell him how much he means to you and that you are glad to have HIM AND ONLY HIM (and no one else) with you on this beautiful journey of life as well as being the father of your baby.

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4. I want our child to grow into a person you are today.
Tell your husband time and again how much and why do you love him. Not only this but tell him (of course say it if and when you mean it) that you would like to raise your baby/child in a manner which will make him/her similar to his/her father on growing up. Tell him how much you want a particular habit of your husband to be in your child. He will be delighted to know that. It will secretly motivate him to grow as a person and as a father as well.
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5. I respect you.
Imagine someone important to you coming to you and telling you very unambiguously how much they respect you, and the place you occupy in their life. The feeling is jaunty, isn’t it? Now imagine that happiness on your husband’s face when he learns how much you respect him. Isn’t the sight satisfying? These 3 words just as puissant and magical as “I love you”. We most of the times fail to understand the puissance simple words have on others, especially when it comes to the people who are near and dear to us. Like us, even the husband's desire to be appreciated for their job and who they are. Besides these ones, you can compliment him on his efforts towards something he did for you, or something as simple as his shirt. Conveying these thoughts to him will work wonders. Father’s Day is just an opportunity to tell him these miraculous things, but I believe that we do NOT need any specific day to tell him how much he means to you and your family.
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