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16 Tips To Make A Guy Text You Everyday With Selfie

Well, it's the likings and attachments which makes us more curious to talk to others, we try to do our small efforts to talk to them, but as soon as they started taking more space than they actually hold. You all must have heard about this. If you are someone's options then don't make others your priority. There are some main points a girl should remember while she wants a guy to talk to or wants to communicate.

1. Be completely involved in the conversation

Just hitting up a hi! Isn't it too boring? You can use “Picabo” as well or send some more interesting pops, as that is so common make a good and effective “hi” that will lead to a healthy conversation ahead.

2. Use of less emojis

Emojis can be conversation killer as the startup of the emojis may lead to the end of the conversation. Which may signify that there are no feelings to be shared and you may not connect to that person.

3. Put up questions

Ask questions, which will indicate your involvement and interest in the chat, asking him about his life and interest will result in deep talks and making him more interested in talking to you. Ask him about his lifestyle and less easy question.

4. Stop texting him frequently

If you feel like he's not taking any initiative to talk to you then don't try to take a step too because it can make him feel important. He may stop texting you further if he doesn't respond to what you texted then feel cool and easy for it.

5. Say no to instant replies

Stop being available all the time as it will make them feel that you are always there and unengaged. It may lead to decrement in your value. Take your time to respond his texts. Keep yourself busy and much engaged in your work, you can turn off your phone notifications. You should show yourself that you are a busy bee, be more active for yourself.

6. Be more secretive

Do not open up too much to himself, put some feelings to yourself, be some more mysterious rather than being an open book. Do not over reveal your likes and dislikes and your personal happenings to him.

7. Be too good at goodbyes

Be the one to say goodbye first, he may want to have deep and long conversations (though it is beneficial for you) but don't fall for it, try to sleep if it is night or do your work and say goodbye.

8. Be there when he needs you

Be available for him, when he needs you not too much but for the times when he needs you. There may come a time when he may be stuck in a problem, you can be his problem solver. Make him feel comfortable so that it would be easy for him to express himself much more.

9. Try to send some light-hearted texts

Put some of your efforts for sending him happy messages which will make him feel good, text him for the things that he would probably reply, resist any kind of arguments in your chat box. A good message can make someone day a good day.

10. Don't expect anything

Don't expect any message in return, avoid long texts or paragraphs again and again. Don't text him over and over again if he is not responding you, maybe he doesn't feel the same.

11. Talk positive

Be an optimist that would surely attract anyone, it will make others feel good and positive. They will talk to get the good vibes near them.

12. If he's not interested let him go

If you feel that he is not interesting talking to you then just don't give a damn, put some positive attitude in you for you.

13. Share your music taste

You should discuss about the music. It can make your conversation fresh so as to gear it up. It is more happening as his music taste may reveal about his nature and if you both have same taste then it is well and good your half of the conversations are decided.

14. No need to impress him

You can attract him, but no need to impress him. You just be beautiful in your own way, your charm will make him more attracted to you. You can post your pictures without adding many filters.

15. Talking about his Hobbies

It will enhance the chances of long conversations if you talk to him about his hobbies. It can add the food or cuisine he likes it or his perceptions for girls and will result in showing his respect to everyone.

16. Control your mood swings

Well, mood swings can be heavy on the light-hearted conversation. Your bad mood can make the conversation short or may lead to diffusions of those texts messages.

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