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10 Things Happy Couples Do on Saturday Night

Its not usually fixed what couples do on Saturday night or its not a tradition that they do particular things on Saturday night. Saturday night is quite famous among mostly teenagers because finally you get rest from the hectic schedule of the weekdays. So here are the things which most couples usually do on Saturday night.

1. Clubbing

Clubs are the first thing which comes to our mind when we talk about Saturday night. Going to clubs, meeting our friends, getting drunk and dancing on the dance floor. If we go to some club, we will see lots of couple dancing together and hanging around with their friends. It's not compulsory that you will go alone with your boyfriend only.

2. Movies

This is a common thing we all do. Watching some new movie or rewatching some movie we love, we all do it. Usually, if couples are tired and don’t want to go out, they just simply watch some movie together maybe inside the blanket which is very romantic. It is not necessary that they watch a movie inside their house, they can go out to the movie theatre and watch it. It depends on the couple.

3. Long drive

Long drives are really fun with your partner be it a car or a bike, couples love going on long drives and especially on Saturday night to release all the stress they had for the entire week. Playing music while driving, singing together and trying their love to blossom is one thing all the couples do.

4. Calling friends at home

It's not like couples spend time with each other only. Meeting each other’s friend, playing games, dancing, drinking is something couples do on Saturday night. Afterall being a couple doesn’t mean to spend all the time with only each other.

5. Camping

Couples always find reasons to spend quality time together and weekends are the best time they get and they make sure they utilize it well. Camping near a river, bonfire and all that things which they show on TV. Anyways camping under the stars together is very romantic and couples won’t miss this chance.

6. Taking a short trip

Weekends are best to take a trip. You get two days holiday from your work and couples won’t surely miss out this chance. Taking a short trip to some nearby place is 1 thing they will definitely do. Which couple will want to miss a chance like this? Taking a trip, exploring the new place; couples will love to do this.

7. Stay at home and learn something new

Not all couples like to go somewhere on Saturday night. There are many who will prefer staying in the home and doing something. So learning something new is one thing they might show interest in. It is something which doesn’t require you to go out or spend money or energy; just sitting at home, relaxing with your partner and gaining some new experience.

8. Playing something

This is again about those who is too tired to go out. Couples like doing something together so why not playing? Many games are they which they can play. Strip poker is very popular among couples (if you know what I mean ) they will love to play a game in which they can have their own fun and romance.

9. Reading books

Many of us are bookoholic. People love reading and Saturday night is stress-free night as there is no pressure to get up early in the next morning. Couples who love to read will make full use of their night and will read their book which they don’t get time to read during the weekdays.

10. Talking

It's not like casual talking but talking about their lives; problems and stress, good things and bad things. Couples don’t get time to spend together during weekdays and there are so many things which they need to share with each other and Saturday night is the best time they can get to share everything which they have in their stock for the whole week. If problems are there, they will talk about it and try to get the solutions, if something good is there, they will share it and everything. Talks about their future plans and everything, Saturday night has its own importance.

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