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35 Gross Things Most Couples Do Together

We as a society consider some acts or happenings as unacceptable in the public life. But when love takes things in its hands the tables turn and the acts which are otherwise considered gross no longer remain that much gross. You might have seen couples indulging in various activities together which any of us would not consider doing in our wildest of dreams ever. But they let go of barriers and do the things they love to share with each other because for the time spent together is time spent well. Today, we will look into some of such activities which couples do but might be a taboo for us at present.
  1. Bed breath kissing. We all know when we wake up in the morning we do not feel so fresh and we do not at all possess a nice breath. But for couples, a morning kiss is as important as the goodnight kiss.
  2. Enjoying messy meals. If one of the partners cooks messy one or a hurried meal the other one enjoys the meal with love.
  3. Showcasing PDA. People in love do not shy away from showing their love to the world. They are not shy of their love.
  4. Wearing each other’s clothes. Couples not only share the love they also share their belongings be it each other’s clothing, stationery or other personal things.
  5. Getting drunk together. They choose to have fun together. They do not leave the ends loose alone.
  6. Enjoying each other’s worn clothes smell. They are not aggravated due to each other’s worn sweaty clothes at all.
  7. They make each other flout or keep diets together. This is absurd but what is better if your loved ones offer you a piece of cake as a cheat meal while at other times helps you strictly abide by your diet schedule.
  8. Adding to each other’s madness. When you are going crazy over something and your partner adds in it is obviously a dream come true.
  9. Picking nose in front of each other. We do not consider cleaning our nose inside out in front of anyone but couples do not hoard these bars between them.
  10. Bathing together. Some couples even follow a ritual of rubbing each other’s backs. They bond while bathing and not only in the bed.
  11. Gossiping about their best friends. You cannot gossip about your best friend with anyone that is for sure but is absolutely no bars in between a couple of best friend gossip.
  12. Making up for each other’s lies. Feigning as one another is another trait of being a couple.
  13. Loving their messiest looks of all.
  14. Going to the bathroom with the door open. The height of camaraderie.
  15. Using each other’s toothbrush. The very unhygienic.
  16. Popping each other’s pimples. Strongly unrecommended.
  17. They even check each other’s armpits if they need some extra cleaning.
  18. They scoop out each other’s ear wax.
  19. Eating food with the same spoon.
  20. Talking while at the loo station.
  21. Being each other’s nurse in the flu. That is caring.
  22. Cleaning together the mess they spread together.
  23. Sharing the same soap.
  24. Sharing food and drinks.
  25. Sharing chewing gum.
  26. Sharing mood swings. That is something we may call swinging together.
  27. Password sharing. Really personal ouch.
  28. Asking for advice on every little thing.
  29. Colour coordinating with each other every time they go out. Never a thing out of place.
  30. Clearing after sex mess, especially period sex mess.
  31. Making their darkest fantasies come true.
  32. Keeping nicknames for every habit of each other.
  33. Force feeding each other
  34. Loving each other’s bad and raunchy side more than their simple and sobre sides.
  35. Public display of anger. Just blowing the matter out of proportions.

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