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25 Things All Guys Want To Hear From Their Girlfriends

It is no lie that girls have a lot of expectations from their counterparts. They are known to be quite picky when coming to want things from their boyfriends. But, truthfully boys are the same. They are not more on the emotional side and tend to cover up their feelings very well because they are “men”. But, there are things that boyfriends expect from their other halves. So ladies, here are things, that your boyfriends would actually like to hear from you.

1. Love

Men, as much as, women want to hear that they are loved. It gives them the assurance that they are going right with their relationship. The fact that they are not able to express their emotions clearly makes them all the more insecure. Let them know how you feel. Initiate first. Appreciate them and randomly tell them that you love them.

2. Support

Men love it when they know that their women are ready to support them. Just as you expect them to be by your side, moving through the storm, they expect the same from you. Show your full support and let them know there is someone standing at the end of the fall to catch them.

3. Protection

Another thing that guys love to hear is that how protected their girlfriends feel after being with them. Not only outside, but even in the confines of your home, women should feel secure. Being in a relationship with them should be safe for you. So, often let them know that you feel protected under care.

4. Compliments

Men are insecure but they very much know how to cover it up under their hard exteriors. Relationships are all about equality. So, if you expect men to compliment you, do the same. Tell them they look handsome, sexy, rugged or the beard looks good on him, so on and so forth. Pay them compliments.

5. Sex

Men love it when their women are also content with their sexual life just as much as their emotional life. So, letting them know that the sex is amazing is no harm. They need their ego boost shots once in a while.

6. Space

Everyone needs their own personal time, once in a while. Try to give them the space they deserve. Don’t cling or stop them from hanging out with their friends or alone, for that matter. It helps to make your relationship healthier.

7. Adventurous

What is more good than an adventurous partner. As per evolutionary psychology, men are more on the exploring and wild side. They love a good fight whether it be for the basic needs or mating. So, going on adventures can make you climb on the top of their list.

8. Family

Men like it that you can bond with their family members. Of course, you would love to have the same connection between your boyfriend and your family members. So, make a connection and try to bond with them.

9. Friends

Accepting their friends is also the key. Let him know how you feel about them. Talk about his friends with him and get to know them better. Hang out with them and accept them.

10. Encouragement

Encourage and respect him. More than anyone, he needs to hear it from you that he can make it. Rather than pointing out his flaws, let him know that he is doing his best. Make him feel his worth.

11. Appreciate

Men also love it when they are being appreciated. Thank him for just being there. Make his efforts count. Ignoring the efforts can lead to the downfall of the relationship.

12. Listening

Let him know that you are listening. They like it when they have someone on the other hand to listen patiently. They have a tendency to express their feelings differently than women. According to Mindfulness and Acceptance: Expanding the Cognitive-BehaviouralTradition, “couples that really hear each other are happier in their relationships, and experience lower levels of depression and anxiety”.

13. Honesty

It is necessary to be completely honest in the relationship. It is like the building block of your relationship. Men like it when their other half is honest. Try to be frank and solid and never lie.

14. Helpful

Asking for their help and making them feel involved makes him feel needed. You could probably do it by your own but if he likes to help, let him.

15. Future

So, it is can be that men may want to talk about the future or not. If you and your boyfriend are aiming for a long-term relationship, sometimes talking about the future can be good. They would like to be assured that there is some future for both of you and there is no dead end. But if not aiming for a long-term relationship, it might be better to not talk about future. Men would think that you come off as clingy.

16. Understanding

Men like to hear that they understand their women properly. That they do not make them uncomfortable or come off as arrogant. They like to know that they are just as invested as the women are in the relationship.

17. Possessive

Men love it when you are quite possessive about them. They want to know if you are jealous and would be protective of them just as much as you are.

18. Charming

So, besides complimenting them, letting them know how charming they are, is also the key. Tell them they are chivalrous and a complete gentleman. It motivates them.

19. Thoughtful

You need to let them know that how thoughtful they are with their little gifts and dates. That they know how to make you smile and laugh. Let them know that they very well take care of you.

20. Advice

Men want to hear that their advice matters the most. That when you are confused, their advice is what you seek. You would like to know what he would have done if in your place. It makes them feel important.

21. Intelligence

Another thing men want to hear is whether they are wise. Signify on their intelligence and not on their looks. Let them know that brain is more important than their beauty.

22. Sense of Humor

Like intelligence, compliment on their sense of humor. Even if their jokes are lame and stupid, make them know that they make you laugh more than anyone in this world.

23. Little Things

Noticing their little things and quirks makes them feel noticed. Frequently talking about them like how they frown, or wring their hands when nervous, or clench their jaw when irritated makes them feel cared and loved for.

24. Clothes

As usual, men are very possessive and protective of what is theirs. They are quite literally the Alpha Males. So, asking to wear their clothes or to be covered in their scent, makes them extremely happy.

25. Bragging

We all know that men pamper their ego very much. Their ego gets bruised a lot. So, when you let him know that you openly brag about him in front of your friends, is a supplement to his ego. Again, it makes him feel safe and assured that you are happy and your relationship is going somewhere.

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