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16 Things a Girl Wants From Her Boyfriend

There are a lot of things a girl expects from her man. Starting from physical features to emotional qualities, he has to be handsome, lean, sensitive, logical, good sense of humour, good jawline, etcetera. But it is mainly about the features. Rarely a person talks about the inner qualities he / she is searching in their other half. Personally, I’m more inclined towards inner beauty than the outer beauty. Of course it adds on if the man is good looking but it won’t do justice if he has no brains. So, this is for all the men out there who are trying to figure out what girls want in them and for all the girls who should look beyond the dashing looks to find a perfect match.

1. Intelligence

It is the one of the foremost qualities to look for. An intelligent man seems very appealing and charming. A good sense of knowledge is a big plus. Nobody wants a man who makes out a fool of himself. Intelligence is the key to everything.

2. Sensitive

As per evolutionary psychology, females are more on the nurturing, emotional and caring side. So, it can be only justified if a man is sensitive. Haughtiness and arrogance is not a quality, we females tend to look for. It is a major turn-off.

3. Honest

Being honest and faithful is very important. A woman tends to get insecure easily. So, it is a necessity to be completely devoted in the relationship. And if not interested, do not lead her on. Rather than shying away, tell her how you feel.

4. Humor

It is one of the biggest qualities a female looks for in the man. Having a good sense of humor, making her laugh and happy are major plus points.
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5. Independent

Independent guy is crucial. Today, no female wants her man to be dependent on his father’s money or on someone else for that matter. A man who is inspiring and passionate, who walks to achieve his dreams is what a woman looks out for.

6. Supportive

Every female wants a male who stands by her side and is supportive of whatever she does. It is essential for him to encourage and uplift her when needed.

7. Caring

Being gentle and caring makes the relationship balanced. Taking care, sharing the workload, showering her with gifts, etcetera can build a strong relationship. Appreciate her little quirks and flaws and do not put her down. Make her feel wanted, needed.

8. Affection

A man who is not afraid to show affection is a must. Small tokens of love through letters or flowers or even public display of affection can make his woman happy.

9. Giving Importance

Giving her the time of the day, arranging dates, making her happy, making her a priority makes her feel loved and cared for. It blooms a happy relationship. Don’t forget to appreciate them regularly.

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10. Listener

A good listener is key to a woman’s heart. Being attentive and sharing her burdens will put you on the top of the list. Listen and remember the important things for her.

11. Respecting

Respecting her and giving her space is also important. You should know when to cross the lines. Giving her equal dignity and respecting her choices and decisions is very important. Being respectful of her family and also his own is what she looks for.

12. Adventurous

A risk-taker and an adventurous male is my personal favorite. Open to changes and bending as per the situations can make the two of you very compatible.

13. Conversationalist

A good conversationalist is a must. A man who can hold up his points and conversations or is talkative is quite amicable. Throwing out points that show his wittiness is a major turn-on.

14. Cooking

Women like it when men know how to cook. Try to learn some new dishes and surprise her with a good meal. It lets her know that you are attentive toward her needs.

15. Sex

A man who knows how to pleasure his woman is a must. But also give her equal opportunities to pleasure you. Don’t be completely dominant and expect her too submissive. Make love to her.

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16. Dates

Take her on dates frequently. It can be outdoors or a nice home-made meal, it can long drive or short walks. But make her feel worthy. Appreciate her shy glances and try to understand her needs.
There are many other qualities like being sporty, positive, attentive, etcetera. But these are the major points for a man to understand as to what a woman is looking out for. As someone said,
“I don’t want a perfect boyfriend. I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well and loves being with me more than anything.”

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