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15 Things Every Boyfriend Really Needs From His Girlfriend

1. To be more supportive

Every guy needs her girl when anything wrong happens to him, it makes him feel better when his girl does so. he wants her to be supportive at some times where he may feel low or whenever he feels dejected.

2. A good listener

A meaningful and optimistic discussions lead to the deep and stronger connection, for this anyone will need a good listener. Probably a guy wants her queen to be a hearty listener sometimes, and to have a thorough conversation with her. So, he may not feel worthless and ignored by you, he should feel blessed to have you at his bad days.

3. Understand his gloominess

Understanding is much important in every relationship, love that will make this bond higher needs,” understanding” as a foundation. And every guy who is hurt by anything will expect his girl to understand him.

4. Hi to sorry

It's not mandatory that any other thing makes him hurt, it can be in his own relationship that has hurt him, your any kind of words or action may have a consequence for his heavy hardheartedness if you have understood the problem and if it is yours then a girl should say sorry.

5. Himself as a priority

It is quite obvious when one is unhappy in a relationship then he needs to be pampered. This actually indicates that he needs himself as a priority, the most prior of all and want her to make time for him.

6. To say “I love you”

“As long as you love me” - Take some JB’s instructions in mind (lol). That should be generous in every relationship and more when someone is hurt just tell them how awesome they are and how much you love them, it is so obvious that anyone who is hurt wants live to heal them up.

7. Be mature

At some times, when a guy doesn't feel that good, he may need advice and healthy talk with his girl and a sophisticated company to tell him how things will go better and to make him realise that bad day doesn't stay for long.

8. Make his days special

He may want his days to be good in future after those hurting days, he may feel to have a good day with his special love. He expects his girlfriend to be more expressive for love and make his days more beautiful and memorable.

9. Time needed

That is the thing a girl should itself understand that how his man is feeling and how he is going through his life and support him if he needs some time for that.

10. Make him count the good things

He expects her girl to make him feel good about himself, so a girl should make him count what the good things are in his life, making him optimistic and happy for that.

11. Travel with him

If his days are not quite good or serious then you need to take a break, travel.with him to some good place and spend special moments with him, make him forget what had happened to him or why he is hurt, make him feel special.

12. His girl to be a gentlewoman

Whenever a good relationship goes on or when it goes healthy without any dispute then both are able to make love easily, but as soon as one feels low the other should make him stand up.In the bad days of a man the girl should be a gentlewoman, she should surely pamper his guy and make him forget about all the chaos of the bad aura.

13. To stand beside him

Parents are all full-blown so we can not always conclude them right, some of the decision they take for us are highly optimised or they can be favourable but not just for us at that moment a guy needs someone to hold his hand and stand beside him. Talking with someone whom he loves can be a medicine for him.

14. Someone to hug him

A warm hug can be half of the problem solver if he doesn't feel good about himself. Just give him a hug to make him feel worthy and make him realise how beautiful is life. Add that he makes your life more beautiful.

15. Do something he loves

A girl should keep in mind, about the things he feels annoyed from so as to stop him for making him hurt more, a girl needs to stop if she does so as he will expect to be loved. Do something that he lives try to watch any kind of movie he loves (playing video games can also work) try a silence walk holding his hand, sing aloud the song he loves and makes him feel more loved anyways.

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