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13 Tips to Impress a Guy Without Talking to Him

Presentation of yourself is how people first view you and what you exactly demonstrate and exhibit that really matters. Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak. It is a form of an impression but that's not all. In fact, there are many other things that we have to put up to. Physical attraction is definitely important for guys but they really like to hold on longer to those girls who are not only stylish but are also good in character, intelligence, confidence, and strength. Beauty and brains are totally intimidating. First impressions matter. Experts say that we identify and learn new people in somewhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, so impressing a guy without talking to him is really worth appreciating and below are some points helpful for this matter:

1. Be the girl who carries her own style

Every girl has her own sense of style, she doesn't have to be taught what to wear, she knows that already. She just has to carry that gracefully yet believe in herself. For instance, the runway models, who showcase designer outfits on ramp walk it is not only the clothes that they wear but it is their confidence that they own and the way they carry themselves. Guys totally love the kind of girls who are the center of attention without intention. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. When a girl smiles her dress should smile too and that is comfort and style.

2. Try to smile laugh and be happy around him

Guys are dazzled, bewitched and captivated by a girl's laughter. Whenever you are in a group, try to give him your attention by smiling and laughing at his jokes but, just let him know that you are enjoying his jokes. When you laugh at his joke or blush at his compliment, it shows him that he’s able to impress you. But at the same time, when you don’t initiate anything to please him, for instance, talking to him, he’d rather work harder because he knows he hasn’t pleased you enough to win you over completely.

3. Be nice yet unavailable to him

This sound’s fuzzy but it really works. Intelligence is sexy but doesn't play foolishly. You need to make it seem pleasant and charming but at the same time, you need to show that you are occupied already. Requite to a guy’s behavior but never commence it no matter the guy whom you want to impress is in your friend’s group or not. In all, you have to display that you are single, interested but not pushing yourself to be in a relationship.

4. Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it

Ever wondered why a girl who’s not that great looking still manages to get every guy to fall for her? Self-confidence is knowing that you are beautiful in your own way and you walk as this whole world is yours. You don't necessarily have to be in high heels, displaying garments or perfect hairstyles, it is something that comes from within and it is confidence. It is beautiful and it is you.

5. Don't be an easy girl

Even if you want to impress a guy, never give in too easily. You yourself are unique in your own way and you don't have to get caught up in some cheesy lines. When you start pleasing him too early then that guy will certainly start taking you lightly because he notices that you are after him trying to impress him. So never give your guy this advantage. Take your own time to impress him wisely.

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6. Smell great and prominent

Try the best perfume that suits your personality and goes on with your style. This will ensure that you leave your fragrance behind whenever you walk past the guy whom you like. Guys are strongly attracted to good perfume specially when they smell a pleasant aroma in the air. Let your scent or perfume be scattered in the air for longer when you hug your friend who is right next or near to the guy whom you want to impress.

7. Give the guy some competition

Ever wondered why some girls draw more guys than other girls? Don’t avoid all other guys when one guy gives you attention. When you let a guy know that you’re only interest is in him, he’ll assume he’s already won you over. Chat in an endearing way to other guys, flirt casually, have fun even if the guy you want to impress is around and still don't talk to him. Remember, you’re not dating him yet, so let him see that he has to face a lot of competition to be with you. He has to achieve that spot to come up to you and talk to you. Remember guys want to date a girl who gets a lot of attention and steal her away from right under their noses.

8. Talk to about some topics and win it

Never let any guy behave as if he is more intelligent than you. Be aware of the topic you are talking and have a healthy discussion and take a stand of your word. Believe it or not, guys simply love and appreciate girls who are pretty, intelligent, witty, are smart & can debate and win. Further, you have to talk to everyone except the guy whom you want to impress.

9. Misbehave but in a good way

A naughty side of the girl is a complete turn on to every guy. Touch guy’s body but make it seem as it happened innocently, coincidentally. Even if you are sitting right at the table, you can always catch a glimpse of the guy whom you want to impress and let him notice that you actually took a quick look at him but you were not staring him.

10. Be benevolent to all

Guys are attracted to kind girls who are sympathetic, considerate and humane. Be warm-hearted, when you are talking to guys, it doesn't matter even if you aren’t dating them.  Simply don't be rude and offend a guy who is not good in talking. Don't even put up to those guys who treat you in an ill-mannered way and are impolite.

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11. Never let go elegance it should always be within you

It sounds a bit weird but this is certainly true that don't try too hard to impress the guy that you like. Don't overdo with makeup and hairstyle, wear unappropriated clothes, look very desperate because you don't want that guy to think that you are weird. Everything in moderation looks good & subtle. Keep it chic, sophisticated, tasteful yet flattering.

12. Be aware of the things of the guy that you want to impress and work at it sometime

This point is important because every guy has one or the other interests professionally, socially, etc. Guys always notice girls who don’t boast about their good deeds but still do it in a humble yet helpful manner. For instance, the guy is really into helping poor and needy people you can go in helping those people sometimes. Remember don't overdo it. Moderation is the key. Other examples are of joining a golf club, yoga session or a book seminar to impress your guy.

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13. Use social networking sites

In today's world, there are so many social networking platforms & people find it more interesting to like, poke, comment on their friend’s pictures. To impress a guy you don't have to show any desperation that gives an indication that you want that guy but indirectly you can communicate very well, be good friends with all his other friends that way you can be popular among his friends. This would ultimately lead him to believe that you are amazing and that why he didn't approach you.